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Things I like

I like gelato
deliciously cold
in varying flavors
from fresh, inspiring lemon lime
to deep, rich, luxurious dark chocolate
topped off with chewy brownie bits

or cornetto crema
the sugary, doughy crust
crackling between teeth
filling my mouth with soft vanilla
capsuled in perfect breakfast size
usually enjoyed with latte or cappuccino

I like antipasto
grilled artichokes, mixed with eggplants
hot peppers in olive oil and garlic
freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven
sprinkled with oregano and basil
and finished off with cool, white wine

and spaghetti
rigatoni, tortellini, tagliatelle
with fruity, blood-red tomato sauce
or spicy sugo all’arrabiata
filled with ricotta e spinachi
or simply as a side dish
to chicken pomodore e formaggi

but, most of all, I enjoy
indulging in dulce
panna cotta, tartufo e tiramisu
creamy, sweet, endorphine-loaded
worth every single sinful second
                     life is short after all –
always eat dessert first!