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cowboy romance

„Hi“ –
Oh, how I love that voice! The low gravelling English with the ever-present American accent. I can hear the implied smile and I remember your face, the corners of your lips turned upward, blue eyes sparkling, white teeth showing – Oh, how I love that smile!
My body is shaking inwardly as I try to form words – somehow, I lost my voice when I heard yours. I try to calm my raging pulse and take a deep breath, glad that you can’t see me blushing over the phone…
I had almost forgotten the effect you have on me, but it all comes rushing back now. Last summer, the cowboy boots and wrangler jeans, our road trip, singing along to country music on the radio, getting lost, laughing, flirting…
I feel goose bumps all over my skin and I smile. If only you knew! But you can’t see me; you’re half a world away, as usual. I tried to fight it, even tried to forget you but it was no use.
I let it happen now, giving in. Still smiling, still shaking, still tachycardic, I finally respond
“Hi stranger – how have you been?” and in my mind, I silently add
“Did you know you had me from hello?”



drowning between the treacherous lines
of a never ending to do list
obligations chasing away precious inspiration


blink of eternity

Time is running,
it’s speeding by.
Never looking back
into the Nevada.

Past, Present and Future
in an endless race,
with no winner, no finish line.

No Yesterday,
No Tomorrow,
only Here and Now.
Long enough to live, to breathe.

What once was can never be again
and what will be is need-to-know.

is running
head first
into the dark

Can you keep up?


the attempt (of a hokku)

With wings made of stone
I'm burning in water, drowning in flame
on the way to paradise


On Poetry

are tumbling out of me
dropping down on paper
like stones
disappearing from  the wall around my soul
freeing me of pain
    - and despair

are falling softly
on the empty pages of my notebook
line by line
like teardrops
melting from the ice surrounding my heart

meaningful little nobodies
powerful soldiers
    - exposed
an army of emotions
to break me
to free me
to save me

In the end
it’s so much more
than merely words


The dance

The way you kissed me
made my head feel dizzy.
And my heart stumbled towards you,
wanting you whole – body and soul.

We were dancing in circles
around each other.
Looking but never touching.
Eyes like fire, lips
like cotton candy.

The music moves our hips
and your hand touches mine,
pulling me closer
our fingers entwined.

The room fades out
the faces blend together
I start thinking about you
and me – forever

We sway together
to our own song.
The beat softly rocking our bodies
as our minds drown together,
sink deeper into this feeling
and start believing we are one.

your heartbeat in sync
             - with mine.
your thoughts
             - mirroring mine.
your lips
pressed against my own.

Tomorrow will be another day
but till the morning grey,
you’re here we me
dancing through the night.


creatures of the wind

Strong legs carrying me
long black mane
in the storm.

your muscles contracting
underneath me
you’re nickering with joy
as we fly up the long, grassy hill.

Out here, there’s only you 
and me - an unit
Running, breathing, escaping
together as one.

Your body listens
to my mere thoughts
urging you on,
going faster still.

This is freedom.
This is living.
This is independence.
Only the winds are faster.

is right here.
from everything else.

You and me:
Part of nature,
part of the winds.
Galloping -
into liberty.

 - inspired by my beloved little Annie -